Chilly Days and Things to Do

>> Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There's not much happening on the greenhouse right now - it's too cold! I walked out this afternoon to see if I could add some weather stripping to the front windows but it was too cold to add them as it needed to be higher than 40 degrees, or so said the packaging. This time of the year it should be somewhere between 40-50 degrees, normally. The weather forecasters have said we're in for a couple more weeks of this cold weather pattern. I certainly hope not! I can remember having a couple nice 60 degree days last winter that were perfect days to get out in the garden and get some chores done. Just a couple warm days like that would really propel this project along. Until then I'll have to just plan ahead.

Things to do:
  • outside siding
  • outside trim
  • add more gravel, then floor the equipment area (Where the mowers go!)
  • weatherstrip the windows
  • seal the air gaps
  • insulate solid walls
  • build plant benches

On Monday I'll go to pick up some old bricks and blocks I found from someone on Craigslist. I'll use those to help create a solid floor on top of the gravel base. The great thing about brick is that it will absorb heat during the day then release it at night which hopefully will help stabilize greenhouse temperatures.


Carol Thursday, January 07, 2010  

Good Luck with all your projects Dave!

Anonymous Thursday, January 07, 2010  

Brilliant idea about the bricks for the floor -- passive heat! And still easy to hose off. I hope you get those mild days soon!

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