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>> Sunday, December 20, 2009

I thought it might be interesting to look back at my greenhouse shed project from where it began to its current and still incomplete state. I have a lot more to do to get it ready for holding equipment, gardening supplies, and (of course) the plants! I put together a slideshow to share the greenhouse project's progress from August (with pictures of the site) until December (and its current appearance).

I hope you enjoy! (You may have to pause it to see the pictures as they go by fairly quickly. The total video is 4 min and 36 seconds long.)


Anonymous Monday, December 21, 2009  

That was fabulous, Dave! You must be so proud. I want to live there! All that light, I can imagine all the seedlings and cuttings happily living there already. You have done some fine work. :-)

Dave@TheHomeGarden Monday, December 21, 2009  

Thanks Frances!

It's close to being sealed up, maybe just a few days work. Of course the weather is always tricky this time of year. Hopefully we'll get to have some fun in there soon!

Elizabeth Davis Monday, December 21, 2009  

Dave, I really enjoyed watching your slide-show. What a wonderful project! You will enjoy the benefits of your greenhouse for years to come. I loved seeing the progress over time.

Gail Monday, December 21, 2009  

Dave, I think it's fantastic and I did hear we were in for warmer weather...then rain! gail

Flowers Saturday, December 26, 2009  

It is FAB..! I enjoyed going through the video. Keep on sharing some more videos like this.

D Saturday, January 02, 2010  

Dave, great job on the greenhouse. And I luv those two large windows! Happy New Year. Diana

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