Greenhouse and Shed Project: Location

>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recently I highlighted a few new acquisitions to my garden under the guise of some sort of window collection. Clearly all you bright gardeners saw right through my windows and into my future plans to put together a greenhouse! Today I'll officially tell you about my plans, and more specifically about its location, even though I still don't have a solid time frame on construction.

My wife and I have discussed the location for a shed on multiple occasions due to differing opinions and finally settled on a spot we can both agree on. I want to incorporate it into the landscape as a feature and she wants it not to obscure the view of the yard. My first choice was to put it near the garden but that would compromise the view of the back tree line. We passed around a few other ideas and finally settled on a location in a semi-shady area just behind the newly formed back garden area. I know what you're thinking "shade isn't good for a greenhouse," it is in the summer and since there are deciduous trees creating the shade the winter sun should be able to beam right through the branches to warm the greenhouse. There is also a large opening in the trees from the east which will capture morning sunshine to warm the greenhouse first thing each day.

Ideally aligning the roof of the greenhouse with true south would be perfect but due to other considerations it will actually be perpendicular to south. Each side of the greenhouse will have window coverage which will allow for morning light from the east and afternoon light from the west. The spot isn't perfect but hopefully it will work. There are some great locations in our yard for sun but the problem is they are on the slope or over the field lines and aren't really suitable for building a greenhouse or a shed.  I may eventually need supplemental power for grow lights and heat mats but I'll cross that bridge later. We won't be anywhere near electrical lines and a creative solution (solar) will have to be considered.

I've been calling it a greenhouse but it will be functioning as a shed as well. It will have to house the mowers and some garden tools to make room for our cars in the garage. Imagine that, a garage used for cars! Who would have thought that?


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